Ben Affleck “frightened” during his honeymoon in Paris with Jennifer Lopez


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Shortly after their marriage, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez traveled to Paris with their children, and the trip was not easy.

Bad memories. On July 16, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez said “yes” to each other at a ceremony in Las Vegas. A few days later, it was in Paris that the two lovers decided to come celebrate their love. In the company of their children, they have been seen all over the French capital. But, followed by many paparazzi, the trip obviously did not was not just a cakewalk for the actor.

In an article published by Page Sixa close source revealed that Ben Affleck did not particularly appreciate the interest of photographers for his couple. Since making their relationship official in 2021, the duo have grown accustomed to a certain degree of attention. “It was a whole new level”, specifies the source, close to that granted to Princess Diana. The mother of Princes Harry and William died in a 1997 car crash in Paris while being chased by paparazzi. This media pressure is not new for the couple, since it had been advanced as being at the origin of theannulment of their marriage in 2003.

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Ben Affleck and J-Lo at the heart of the media whirlwind

In 2002, the couple was already the object of all attention. Twenty years ago, the actor and the singer had already planned to get married. The ceremony was originally to be held in 2003, but after considering tricking the paparazzi into not following them on the wedding day, they finally had postponed the wedding. “Due to the excessive media attention surrounding our wedding, we have decided to reschedule the date”they explained in a press release published the day before the date of their
union. Ultimately, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez did not marry and separated in 2004, before meeting again seventeen years later.

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