Ben Platt: ‘Pitch Perfect’ actor is engaged

Ben Platt
The ‘Pitch Perfect’ actor is engaged

Ben Platt is now engaged.

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US actor Ben Platt has become engaged to his partner Noah Galvin. They celebrate the event on Instagram with a series of photos.

Ben Platt, 29, and Noah Galvin, 28, are engaged. Actors and singers do at Instagram announced. Of a series of photos showing the happy couple as well as the engagement ring, Platt captioned, “He’s agreed to hang out forever.” His partner also shared the emotional series of pictures and wrote: “I said yes and then I cried for seven hours.” There were congratulations from fellow actress Sarah Hyland (32) or singer Ariana Grande (29).

Friendship became love

‘The Good Doctor’ star Noah Galvin and Ben Platt, of ‘Pitch Perfect’ film franchise and ‘The Politician’ fame, met through the musical ‘Dear Evan Hansen.’ After Platt stepped down from the title role in the Tony-winning play, Galvin was announced as his replacement in November 2017. A close friendship developed between the two, which turned into a romance a few years later.

“We were friends for five years and just before the pandemic hit, we finally decided to give it a try,” Platt said in June 2021 in the interview with Kelly Clarkson (40). In conversation with “Out” magazine He also gushed about his partner: “He has a really unique ability to help me be present where I am and make the life that happens every day so wonderful that you don’t want to miss it. “


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