Bereaved by the loss of her baby, Isabelle Huppert’s daughter delivers a moving testimony: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Daughter of the illustrious French actress Isabelle Huppert, Lolita Chammah experienced a terrible tragedy in 2022. That year, she gave birth to a baby who was born very prematurely. Unfortunately, the infant died shortly after birth. In fact, the little boy who was baptized Kolia died after twelve days spent in intensive care, plunging his mother into mourning. Marked by the loss of her second child, Isabelle Huppert’s daughter decided to recount this tragic experience in a book entitled I watched the night fallwhich has been available in bookstores since Thursday May 2, 2024. As part of the promotion of this work, Lolita Chammah gave an interview to the magazine Gala Thursday May 9, 2024. During this interview, Ronald Chammah’s daughter revealed holding on after the death of her baby for her first child Gabriel, now ten years old. She clarified that it was he who made her move forward “by his personality, by who he is, and because when you have a child, you have to hold on.”

Lolita Chammah still feels guilty about having played in the theater the day before she gave birth

During this same interview, Lolita Chammah claimed to have “two children, one in heaven and one on earth”. Fortunately, Isabelle Huppert’s daughter was able to count on her family to help her get through this terrible ordeal. “This tragedy was a collective ordeal. I saw my father break and my mother’s strength crack. Having a strong entourage is important. But we are alone in the face of such an ordeal. Losing a baby creates a wall between self and the world, she said. Lolita Chammah was also able to count on the support of her companion, director Julien Féret. Even if we don’t go through things in the same way, we do it hand in hand.”, she clarified. Ultimately, the loss of this child profoundly changed Lolita Chammah’s life and state of mind. “It gave me a form of spirituality. I look at life with more distance. Certain things that I feared before no longer scare me. I have a different relationship with nature and calm”, she assured. Despite this, Isabelle Huppert’s daughter still feels guilty about having played in the theater the day before her premature birth. “I am trying to work on this to make room for a new being. My fight will not end here. I won’t go back on stage until I hold my new child in my armsfinally concluded Lolita Chammah.

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