Bernard Tapie tells how he lives his confinement with his wife Dominique Tapie: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The start of 2020 was not an easy one for Bernard Tapie. On January 20, guest of BFMTV during the broadcast of a documentary dedicated to him (Red line, Bernard Tapie, the matches of his life), the businessman confided in his state of health. Former owner of Adidas and Olympique de Marseille, Bernard Tapie, who has been fighting for several cancers (and several legal cases) for years now, had not sought to elude the subject. "It's okay", he replies when the presenter Bruce Toussaint questions him about his condition. “It is going on. I had stopped treatment since July, not because I wanted to but because the doctors always compare what it brings and what it costs. ” Result: Bernard Tapie had received no treatment for six months … which caused him many problems. “It has resulted in metastases to the right lung, left lung, neck, etc. It gallops. ”

"She found a cook and I found a cleaning lady"

A month later, at the end of February, Bernard Tapie was forced to postpone his return to the stage scheduled for May with the play Flight over a cuckoo's nest, at the Folies Bergères in Paris. “For a month Bernard has been receiving a new experimental treatment in Belgium which is extremely hard to bear which tires him enormously and which makes him lose his voice”, declared director Philippe Hersen at the time Parisian. "He is remarkably courageous in the face of the disease. I never saw that, again last week, we were talking, we were working, but with this treatment, it is not possible. ” In full confinement, Bernard Tapie gives news to Franceinfo… And they’re pretty good today. After singing the praises of Professor Didier Raoult, a central figure in the fight against the coronavirus, the actor explained how his confinement took place, as a family, admitting to being “very happy" near his wife Dominique Tapie. "She found a cook and I found a cleaning lady, the cook is me, the cleaning lady is her! ”, he said. “We are both 25 km from Paris in a small house that I have next to Brie-Comte Robert. ”

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