Best Class 3-Line Rifle on CoD: Vanguard

CoD Vanguard takes the Call of Duty franchise back to its WWII roots. Among the available weapons is the 3-line rifle sniper. Discover its best class to dominate your opponents on Vanguard.

The 3-Line Rifle is a long-range weapon of the Second World War. This sniper rifle of Russian origin has a very high firepower which makes it a formidable weapon in multiplayer.

This bolt action rifle has a good stability which facilitates the precision of the shots. However, the rate of fire and aiming speed are slow. To mitigate its flaws, we have chosen several accessories to maximize its potential on Vanguard.

Best Class 3-Line Rifle on CoD: Vanguard


An overview of the 3-line rifle without accessories on Vanguard.

The best accessories

Site Last name
Stuffy G28 compensator
Cannon VOZ 270 mm air rifle
Telescope Player choice
Stock Custom ZAC MZ
Cannon accessory Skeletal Mark VI
Ammunition type Elongated
Rear handle Fabric handle
Expertise Sail
Kit Apnea

Vanguard’s class creation gets players into a real puzzle with 10 different accessories to equip on a weapon. The most important for this class of 3-line rifle is improve the speed of aiming time.

For this we have equipped the VOZ 270mm rifle barrel, the ZAC custom MZ stock, the skeletal Mark VI and the fabric grip. By using these accessories, you will immediately see the difference in aiming time.

The compensator G28 decreases the recoil of the weapon. For the bezel, you choose the one you prefer. Note that some still improve aiming speed ! Magazines completely modify the weapon. That of 20 cartridges of .30-06 can possibly be equipped… Finally, with the extended ammunition, the speed of the bullets will be increased.

For the last two slots, we have chosen “Veiled” and “Apnea”. The first asset in the expertise category, reduces the angle from which enemies see the reflection of the telescope. You are therefore less visible. The second increases the duration of breath retention when aiming.

The best assets

The trump Phantom is ideal for moving stealthily on the map and for avoiding enemy spy planes. When playing sniper rifle it is better to avoid being spotted so that opponents do not jump on you with a submachine gun or assault rifle.

Information sharing will allow you to have an advantage over the position of your enemies thanks to a larger mini-map. It is effective for spawnkill for example.

Finally, Over-arming gives you the possibility to equip a submachine gun, a pump or an AR with your sniper rifle. If you feel you don’t need it, take the trump Lightweight which will increase your movement speed.

The best secondary weapons

Both weapons are available at level 1. The first is a powerful and light assault rifle. The second is a formidable machine gun with an infernal rate of fire. The two guns dominate the meta of Vanguard.

The best equipment

  • Throwing knife
  • Stimulating

The mixed throwing knife and sniper rifle on Call of Duty is an institution. It instantly eliminates enemies and is recoverable once cast. If an opponent rushes you by surprise, the knife could save your day!

the stimulating is essential for players who multiply the fights especially on Vanguard. It regenerates your health as well as the tactical sprint cooldown.

How to play the 3-Line Rifle on CoD: Vanguard

CoD Vanguard 3 line rifle class

The 3-line rifle with its basic scope in-game on CoD: Vanguard.

The 3-Line Rifle is ideal for long and medium range combat. Thanks to its quick aim with the above accessories, you can hit targets very easily. Aim speed will be fast enough to be able to quickscope melee opponents

Focus on fighting over long lines in order to have the advantage of distance at all times. Your big weak point will remain the flankers which will easily dislodge you if you do not keep a certain mobility.

You now have all the keys to rampage with the top class 3-Line Rifle.

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