Best mascara: Our 8 favorites for great eyelashes

The best mascara for your eyelashes – honestly, have you found it yet? The selection of products seems too large, the possibilities too diverse. We bring light into the dark and reveal which mascara is suitable for which eyelashes.

Only at least of us are blessed with deep black and perfectly curved eyelashes. The mascara is by our side in everyday life and is a reliable companion for the evening – when you have found the right product for you. And that’s not as easy as it seems: Finding your perfect match between different brush shapes, advertised effects and ingredients is probably easier said than done.

Which product is the best mascara for me?

When looking for the perfect mascara, you should look up first your own needs look: Which brush shape is best for you and your eyelashes? Do you want to use a waterproof product? How important are volume, swing and definition to you?

A good mascara offers you the longest possible result and does not clump together. In addition, the product should look good again let remove gently: Rubbing too hard through removing make-up can irritate the skin and your eyes and lead to redness. In the worst case, you may even lose a few hairs.

These mascara give your lashes more volume

Of the “All in One Mascara Waterproof” from Artdeco is a perfect companion for everyday life. You will already achieve visible volume after the first application. The brush is twisted in a spiral and thus grips all the hairs with one swing. In addition, the “All in One Mascara” from Artdeco due to its special formula: the product contains Carnuba, a wax that cares for your eyelashes and makes them supple. The color is fragrance-free and its waterproof formula guarantees you a particularly long shelf life.

An absolute all-time favorite among beauty lovers: inside is the one “The Colossall 100% Black” mascara from Maybelline New York. For years, yellow mascara has stood for reliable quality and has accompanied us through thick and thin. It is characterized by a particularly large brush with soft bristles, which conjures up a bushy volume in your eyelashes. Besides, the “The Colossall” mascara a formula with collagen designed to strengthen, lengthen and plump up every single one of your hairs. the 100 percent black pigments ensure a deep black.

Of the “Hypnôse” mascara from Lancôme Although it does not have a classic large brush, according to the manufacturer it should still be able to give your eyelashes up to six times more volume. You can apply the product precisely with the slim brush. the soft and dense bristles ensure that your lash line gets volume and the tips get more definition. In addition, this formula protects the “Hypnôse” mascara the hair fibers of your eyelashes and improves their structure – this is how your make-up looks particularly healthy.

Our favorites for more swing and definition

Of the “Lash Princess False Lash Effect” mascara by Essence offers the best value for money and is the star among drugstore products. With its fine fibers, it gives your lashes length and more definition – the insider tip for everyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a good product.

Of course, cosmetics manufacturers are also waiting MAC with a good product: The “Magic Extension” mascara has a thick formulation and contains 5 millimeter long microfibers. These attach to your eyelashes and visually lengthen them. The classic, conical brush with softer bristles gives you more length and definition – but inking with the wants “Magic Extension” mascara be practiced: The Microfiber must be patiently brushed into shape after repeated taps.

We have also found the best mascara for sensitive eyes: The “Couvrance” mascara from Avène is highly tolerated because it is hypoallergenic and particularly gentle on sensitive and dry eyes. Therefore, it is also suitable for contact lens wearers: inside. The rubber brush of this mascara is slightly curved and brings momentum to your lashes by precisely separating the individual hairs from each other. First and foremost, you achieve with that “Couvrance” mascaraCurve, length and definition – This product is less suitable for fans of a lot of volume.

Supreme discipline: the all-rounder among the mascaras

Admittedly, we’re big fans of Rihanna’s beauty brand Fenty Beauty. So it’s no wonder that she can also score with a mascara: The “Full Frontal” mascara from Fenty Beautynot only promises more length and definition, but also curve and volume. What more do we want? The elliptically shaped brush pulls the hairs directly into a curved shape while ink and is therefore particularly suitable for naturally long eyelashes well suited.

As its name suggests, it scores “They’re Real! Magnet Mascara” by Benefit with a very special technique: the so-called extender brush has one magnetically charged core and pulls the product, which is also enriched with magnetically charged minerals, far beyond the tips. At the same time it condenses “Magnet” mascara your eyelashes optically. The bristles are arranged in a zigzag pattern and fan out the individual hairs. That means: Your eyelashes are separated and defined at the same time.

Our Insider tip: In combination with the “They’re Real Mascara” by Benefitwho as Base is applied, the hairs are compressed and lengthened at the same time. A “Match made in Heaven”!

Which mascara brush is suitable for my eyelashes?

Choosing the right brush head is crucial if you want to find the perfect mascara for you. In general, the following applies: When choosing the brush, use the Size of your eyes. For smaller eyes, for example, you should use shorter brush heads. So you can work more precisely and apply all lashes evenly.

Thick, voluminous brushes are suitable for naturally long eyelashes. The hairs on these brush heads are often shorter and not twisted. The often very round shape of the brush ensures a lot of volume.

Curved brush heads adapt optimally to the shape of your eyes. If you have short and straight eyelashes, these brushes can be ideal for you: Thanks to the curl effect of the curved shape, these mascaras give a lot of curl.

One straight and slim brush is basically suitable for almost all eye shapes. It is easy to use and provides a subtle and natural result.

Probably the most popular brush is straight and tapering thinly towards the end, so conically shaped. With the help of this brush head, you can work precisely and also apply good coverage to the lower lashes. The mascara creates volume on the upper lash line by separating the individual hairs.

With our tricks to the perfect result

So far so good? Not quite. Even if you have already found the best mascara for yourself, there are still a few little tricks you can use when applying make-up.

Before the actual ink, you can brush your eyelashes with a Eyelash curler bend to get maximum momentum. Make sure to take care of your eyelashes before ink to curl! Otherwise they break off quickly.

Special ones are suitable for even more density and volume Primer or booster, which are applied as an intermediate step between curling and before washing with the mascara. With this product you simply go over your eyelashes, let it dry and then use the mascara as usual.

When ink yourself, you can carefully apply the brush directly to the lash line and then gently apply it Zigzag movements pull to the tips. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can also layer your mascara. Lumps The best way to avoid this is to apply the layers one after the other and not dry them in between.

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