Between Buckingham and the BBC, incestuous liaisons

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LETTER FROM BUCKINGHAM. In a book, David Dimbleby, the BBC’s Leon Zitrone, denounces the reverential coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

From our correspondent in London, Marc Roche

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Lhis neatly combed white hair, benevolent gaze, gaze reflecting amiable mischief, eyebrow always half-raised and that limpid and rigorous diction of the London intelligentsia: David Dimbleby is one of the great journalists of the BBC, of ​​those who have forged the reputation of excellence of the British audiovisual sector. However, when the former commentator of royal events and public service election evenings recounts his feats of arms in his autobiography entitled Keep Talking (“Keep talking”), modesty fades and allows the enjoyment of the settling of accounts to pierce through mezza voice.

Her father, Richard, was the only reporter present inside Westminster Abbey during the televised broadcast of the coronation of Queen E…

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