beware of fraud on seasonal rental sites

Beware of typing errors when you are looking to make an accommodation reservation on the internet for your holidays: you could arrive on a fraudulent site. In a press release, Mediavacances warns of a new type of fraud, typosquatting.

A new form of fraud targets vacation rental sites. To get you to a similar but totally fraudulent site, cybercriminals rely on your typos or misspellings. The platform thus alerts, through its site dedicated to the prevention of tourist fraud, to a new type of fraud, typosquatting. By typing directly in the URL bar, without using a search engine, Abritel instead of Abritel or even auirbnb for airbnb, you risk falling directly on these sites.

Indeed, according to Herv Paccard, manager of the site and CEO of the MediaVacances group, several .fr domain names, having a close proximity to established sites in the field of vacation rentals, have been purchases. We could thus find on the web the sites, and

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According to Mdiavacances, the objective of fraudsters would be to take control of your computer: some of these sites have very little added value for a cybercriminal and it seems more likely that the objective is to take partial or total control of the Internet user’s machine with a view to subsequent fraudulent actions.

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How can you guard against this new form of fraud?

Like everyone else, do you happen to type a little fast on your keyboard and click on the key next to the one you were aiming for? So that these careless mistakes do not have harmful consequences for you, a simple solution is preferred: go through a search engine. By typing your query, even with mistakes, on Google, Safari or other search engines, you will be redirected to the legitimate site. This will avoid unpleasant surprises.

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