Bicycle baskets in comparison: A safe place for shopping

Of course, the look plays a role when buying the bicycle basket. But you shouldn’t just be dazzled by the beautiful design.

At least as important a purchase criterion is the Ease of assembly. While some bicycle baskets can be attached to the bike in seconds with a practical click system, the assembly of other baskets can be really cumbersome.

Another criterion is the Bike basket size. And this raises the question of what it should be used for. If you go shopping by bike every day, the basket must of course be larger in order to be able to hold food and drinks. Even if the dog likes to take part in bike trips, the basket must be big enough so that the four-legged friend has enough space.

This is just as crucial for the purchase of a bicycle basket material. Fair-weather cyclists, who also have the option of storing their bikes in a dry place, can opt for a beautiful basket made of willow or rattan. On the other hand, if such a basket is constantly exposed to rainy weather, the owners usually only enjoy it for a very short time. Baskets made of aluminium, steel or plastic are much more weather-resistant, although steel baskets are often very heavy.

Another purchase criterion is the tightness of the basket. Smaller items can also be stowed in bicycle baskets, which are particularly close-meshed, without them falling through. However, rainwater in such baskets runs off potentially worse.

The last question that arises is whether the basket should be fixed or removable. Removable baskets have the advantage that they only have to be used when you really need them. Fixed bicycle baskets are usually more stable.

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