big surprise imminent? Ubisoft is planning something!

His development continues unevenly, but he holds the bar. XDefient is back in the spotlight for a fast-approaching public event.

Ubisoft’s free-to-play FPS is still in the game. Despite some fears, XDefiant continues to move towards its finalization. It must be said that fans are eagerly awaiting it, tempted by the intense arena clashes that it announces.

The little extra of this title is the universes in which it will draw. In fact, it borrows from some of Ubisoft’s biggest licenses! You will find characters inspired by Far Cry, Watch Dogs or even Splinter Cell.

Scheduled for PC and new generation consoles (Xbox Series beta. Despite notable stability concerns, the experience seems to have been convincing overall. However, the game still does not have a release date. But that could change thanks to an upcoming event.

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XDefiant must pass the test

Ubisoft San Francisco, who is in charge of development, recently spoke on the social network A major milestone in its production is approaching. Get ready, because it’s coming very soon.

The team plans very soon to carry out a server testing of the game for a duration of 12 hours. The objective is to ” request our servers and obtain crucial data in order to prepare for the launch “. And to achieve this, players are invited to participate.

The Insider Gaming site would have had some additional information on this testing phase. According to its sources, it would be held this Friday April 19. In addition, if all goes well, it could be extended throughout the weekend, until Sunday.

As Ubisoft specifies, these tests must make it possible to “ fix a release date “. They will therefore be decisive for the more or less near future of XDefiant. The studio will provide more information very soon so the public knows how to join the test.

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