big twist, he takes action with a complaint for “slanderous denunciation”

Now silent on social networks, Cauet chooses the path of justice to defend himself, he who is accused of rape. While the alleged victim spoke on television, the host filed a new complaint against him. The belligerents put themselves in battle order before the instruction.

The affair shakes the media world. Sébastien Cauet is targeted by a complaint for rape of a minor over 15 years old and for rape, after a woman now aged 25 revealed she had been sexually assaulted twice. It is in this context thata preliminary investigation was opened on Wednesday November 22. For his part, the television and radio host had already made it known on social networks that he too was filing a complaint, for “moral harassment and defamation”evoking a “lamentable destabilization enterprise” which had started on social networks in October with the posting online of messages of a sexual nature attributed to him.

Cauet now counter-attacks and announces through his lawyers that he has filed a new complaint on November 27, for attempted extortion by organized gangslanderous denunciation, forgery and uses against unnamed persons”other women having revealed that they were also affected.

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Cauet’s professional entourage comes out of silence

The radio host-star’s lawyers NRJ indicated that “this legal process” emphasized “there seriousness of the situation and responds to the slander orchestrated to seriously harm honor and reputation of their client, with what’s more a hidden financial goal. It must be said that the alleged victim intends to make herself heard and has given a media dimension to this affair, forcing Cauet to withdraw from the broadcast of NRJ and social networks where he has not written a word for almost a week. A few days ago, she gave the chilling account of her alleged rape in 2014, in Geneva, and recounted in detail what the companion of model Nathalie Dartois allegedly forced her to do for him.

She made a new appearance on the set of Do not touch My TV (C8), on Thursday November 23. “I convinced myself that what had happened was not real, not dramatic. It lasted a minute”she remembered live, facing Cyril Hanouna, while recalling that she was “annihilated”. Although she appeared with her face veiled to hide her identity, Julie explained that she felt better since she had “tell the truth”because the animator would have it “destroyed” her and her family.

Cyril Hanouna appeared very embarrassed, Cauet being one of his long-time friends, just like his ex-work partner Cécile de Ménibus who also spoke, like Cartman. Several employees have decided to make revelations about judged behavior “borderline” by Cauet… This shows that the impact is significant!


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