Where are the various legal proceedings against Harvey Weinstein? Understand in three minutes

On April 25, the New York Court of Appeal overturned an extremely symbolic judgment: the first conviction of former producer Harvey Weinstein for rape and sexual assault. It was the revelations of her actions in 2017 that triggered #metoo, the global movement for the liberation of women’s voices, and this trial was described at the time as the first major victory of this movement.

Harvey Weinstein’s actions were denounced by around a hundred women. But where are these accusations today? Seven years after the first testimonies, the former producer had only been found guilty, notably of rape, in two trials, concerning three complainants. And one of them has just been overturned on appeal.

In this video, we review all the accusations against Harvey Weinstein, we question the reasons why it seems so difficult to judge him despite all these testimonies. And to delve back into the 2020 trial, during which Jessica Mann recounted her relationship with him, we invite you to consult our correspondent’s report at the time.

“Understand in three minutes”

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