Billie Eilish: Fitness has given her a new body image

Billie Eilish
Fitness has given her a new body awareness

Sports are Billie Eilish’s new passion.

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Billie Eilish has found a new passion. The singer has become a “fitness fanatic”, as she reveals in an interview.

Billie Eilish (20) has a new hobby – and that has a positive effect on her body image. She is now a real “fitness fanatic,” she explained in a preview clip from an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. After an ankle injury in 2019, she started working on her bones and body. “And in the last four months I’ve completely changed my life with fitness.”

After her tour of Europe, she started working out in the gym every day. “It’s become such a big part of my life and I feel so much better as a person and move better on stage now,” Eilish added. She thought: “I can’t hurt myself anymore.” She wanted to “no longer allow myself to live like this because I’ve lived like this for years”.

Her new lifestyle not only had a positive effect on her performance on stage, but also on her mental health: “It changed my life.”

Difficult relationship with her body

In the past, Billie Eilish has spoken out about the difficult relationship she has with her body and health. “I see people online who look like I’ve never looked before,” the 20-year-old said last year in an interview with “The Guardian”. “And immediately I’m like, oh my god, why do they look like that? I know where this industry is going and what people are using for their photos. And I know that what looks real can be fake,” stated Eilish. “And yet I look at the photos and I’m like, oh god, that feels really bad.”

Eilish is happy with her life. But she was “obviously not happy” with her body. “But who is that?” she said at the time. On stage, she has to distance herself from her idea of ​​her body: “Especially because I wear loose, comfortable clothes that don’t show everything so I can move better – sometimes that’s very disadvantageous.”


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