Billie Eilish: Music video for the new Bond song released

In a few weeks "No Time to Die" will be in the cinemas. Now Billie Eilish has released a music video for the new Bond song.

Billie Eilish (18, "bad guy") increases the anticipation of the fans for "No time to die". While Daniel Craig's (52) last film will be released on November 12th as 007, the popular US singer has already released a music video for the new Bond song, which has the same title as the film: "No Time To Die".

According to Eilish, the four-minute video shot in February shows the singer in a very minimalist way – just in front of a microphone. In addition, scenes from the upcoming 25th Bond film are shown again and again, in which Craig and Léa Seydoux (35) can be seen, among others.

Bond producer Barbara Broccoli (60) recently said in the official "No Time To Die" podcast that "No Time To Die" will be the "climax" of everything that Craig has experienced in his role as an agent. She also confirmed: "We see this film as a classic Bond film with a modern twist."