Bisexuality, a path to emancipation?


Is bisexuality doomed to conquer the world? We are not there yet, I grant you that. But in recent years, this sexual orientation has been progressing slowly but surely. In any case, this is what the latest investigation by theCSA institute dedicated to genderpublished in 2021: if 3% of French people say they are gay or lesbian, there are now 4% bisexual and 2% pansexual (pansexuals reject the “binarity” of the word bisexual, and are attracted to women, men, trans and non-binary).

But beware of people who identify themselves as bisexual or pansexual, we must also add all those whose practice are bisexual: 12% of French people have already slept with someone of the same sex.

This “bisexual wave” is not specific to France. In the United Kingdom too, the number of bisexuals has exceeded the number of homosexuals… but what is interesting is that across the Channel there is a rapid and constant increase in the movement: it concerns 2% of baby boomers , 4% of generation X, 7% of millennials and 10% of generation Z (10% to which we will add 4% of pansexuals, according to an Ipsos surveyin October 2022).

To understand this progression of bisexuality, it is necessary to specify the nature of the population concerned. Bi young people are indeed often young people women. In 2018, researcher Mathieu Trachman counted 0.6% of bi men in France, but 0.9% of bi women (INED). In Germanythere were, in 2020, twice as many gay men as bi men, but twice as many bi women as lesbians.

Science had already observed, for decades, the greater sexual fluidity of women. Some see it as a gender characteristic, related to neuroscience. Others prefer to note that this orientation is socially more acceptable for a woman than for a man… when it is not outright valued.

In fact, the bisexual woman embodies a real fantasy – synonymous with availability, adventure, and with a little luck, wonderful threesomes. We sail in the imagination of the “lesbian harem”, instrumentalized with more or less opportunism by a shovelful of stars like Madonna or Katy Perry. In the life of a young girl, everything leads to “trying on women”: the great intimacy of female friendships, the “cuddly” socialization inculcated from childhood, the more pronounced taste for seduction… and of course, the (relative) absence of consequences. In 2016, only 3% of French women said they were bisexual. Yet 10% had slept with a woman, and 18% said they had already had a homosexual attraction (Ifop/Sex reference)!

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