News culture This training of Luffy for season 2 of the One Piece series on Netflix is ​​crazy: the actor gives his all for the role

Culture news This Luffy training for season 2 of the One Piece series on Netflix is ​​crazy: the actor gives his all for the role

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For season 2 of the One Piece series, the actor who plays the role of Luffy is undergoing drastic training to get as close as possible to the main character. He even set himself a huge challenge and recounts his entire adventure!

Series One piece undoubtedly constitutes one of the biggest successes of 2023 for Netflix. A success notably due to the choice of actors making up the straw hat crew, praised for their performances. But if there is one who really won the hearts of fans, it is Iñaki Godoy, the interpreter of Monkey D. Luffy. In order to prepare as best as possible for the next episodes, he began some rather special training.

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Luffy really takes to the sea

It’s certain his personal blogthat the actor shared a particular training regime aimed at a very specific goal: become a better hacker. It is with this in mind that Iñaki Godoy boarded a boat to 80 days on the open sea, to fully immerse yourself in the life of a sailor. He also took the opportunity to share the said experience with his fans, telling them his every thought.

Before coming here, I never realized how many things were needed to take care of a ship and how limited resources could be. I started to appreciate things I didn’t really think about at home, like having cool water at any temperature whenever I needed it. – Iñaki Godoy (personal blog)

He also explains that he had a little difficulty getting used to the experience since, by his own admission, “Unlike being on a movie set, sailing was a completely new world for me, and most of the time I felt like I had no idea what I was doing”. But despite his few blunders, his trip was, according to him, extremely productive and allowed him to truly understand how a boat works. He even adds that he has coped with seasickness rather well despite his little maritime experience and claims to have become a much better sailor.

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A scenario that questions

If the One Piece series can now count on a captain closer to his character than ever, fans are still waiting for details regarding the continuation of the latter. Indeed, the first season which was to entirely adapt the Eastblue saga of the manga, finally concluded at the gates of Logue Town, before one of the last adventures of said saga. Fans of the original work then wonder about the progress in the story that season 2 will depictin the event that it lasts 8 episodes, just like the previous one.

In fact, after the announcement from Eiichiro Oda himself, confirming the presence of Chopper in the rest of the show, it is difficult to imagine that future events will truly be based on the original manga. Including Logue Town and going to the kingdom of Drum, native land of the blue-nosed reindeer, the straw-hatted crew notably visits the Cape of Twins and its famous whale, Whiskey Peak and its hundreds of bounty hunters, as well as Little Garden, the Jurassic island. It is even the passage on the latter which pushes the heroes to reach the island of Drum, in search of a doctor. If no additional information leakedfans continue to wait firmly for the sequel to the Netflix adaptation.

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