Bitcoin adoption by merchants worldwide increases in 2023

GLOBAL – Despite volatility in cryptocurrency markets, more than 6,000 merchants around the world now accept bitcoin as a means of payment. This increase in adoption is spread across different regions, with Europe, Latin America, the United States and the Philippines showing significant engagement. The current number, as tracked by BTC Map, marks growth from previous figures, although it is lower than the peak recorded in September.

Businesses of various types, including restaurants and bars, are increasingly integrating Bitcoin into their payment options. They are interested in both on-chain transactions and payments via the Lightning Network, a second-layer technology designed to make bitcoin transactions faster and more profitable.

On the other hand, the Bitcoin ATM landscape presents a mixed picture. The United States, in particular, has seen a decline in the number of these machines. However, this decline is not universal. Other regions, such as Canada and the European Union, have seen growth, indicating a mixed reaction to the infrastructure supporting bitcoin transactions.

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