Bitcoin and crypto adoption: BTC is making its way into US schools

Bin option Bitcoin? – To achieve adoption mass of cryptocurrencies, learning on their technologies, as well as the mastery of their use are more than essential. The very avant-garde salvador understood the important role of Bitcoin (BTC) education. This time, the king of cryptos is in the United States will be taught to students.

This Texas Business School Will Educate About Bitcoin

Decentralized cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in the first place, are often victims of misinformation or coarse amalgams. In some cases, with the only dishonest objective of limiting/slowing down their adoption.

But this will not be the case Mays Business School from Texas A&M University, on the contrary. In effect, Korok Raya professor at this Texas business school, reports on Twitter that he will soon be teaching – starting this spring 2023 – the functioning principles of Bitcoin to his students.

“I will be teaching the very first course on Bitcoin at Texas A&M University this spring!
This program is called “Bitcoin Protocol,” and it is cross-listed by the College of Engineering and Mays Business School. (…)
It took months for this course to be approved, but we did it! Introducing Bitcoin into the program is important for the long term. »

Twitter account @KorokRay

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Cryptocurrency regulation taught in Boston

The new asset class created by cryptocurrencies also has a separate regulation from that of traditional finance, at least on certain points. Thus, the legal and regulatory implications of crypto-assets are taught to students oflaw School.

As Cointelegraph reports in particular, the Boston University School of Law has thus planned “regulation course” coins for his students:

“It’s about exposing future lawyers to the potential issues they may encounter, as well as the myriad of approaches and regulations that exist when it comes to cryptocurrency. (…)”

Thomas Hook, Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Law

Bitcoin and cryptos, as well as their many applications, are therefore now part of the essential lessons for prepare for the future young students. Even very specific sectors of the cryptosphere are studied in the USA. Thus, in Pennsylvania for example, these are the multiple opportunities of metaverses which are taught.

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