Bitcoin at $250,000 in 2025? Tim Draper still believes in it!


Who says better ? We all love them, because they allow us to dream a little while waiting for the possible resumption of bull run. Often formulated by popular figures in the ecosystem, they are sometimes wackySometimes exaggerated, but still widely reported by the specialized press and social networks. What are we talking about ? Of the predictions price of Bitcoin gone! $120,000 for Standard Chartered, 160,000 for an independent analyst, 500,000 for the Winklevoss brothers and even 760,000 according to an artificial intelligence. Well, all this is unscientific and does not represent investment advice, but may it always be fun, we share with you the latest prophecy and it comes to us from Tim Draper. For him it will be $250,000 within two years. Smile, it’s summer!

Okay, the gentleman had already announced the same thing for this year…

Tim Draper is a seasoned investor who is known in the cryptosphere for putting some of his capital into Bitcoin of the 2014, well ahead of much of Wall Street. For years he has been predicting that the king of cryptos will reach the incredible sum of $250,000 by June, i.e. last month. Obviously, the gentleman made a mistake in large widths ! But far from being dismantled, he persists in divination and maintains the quarter of a million of dollarsbut rather in 2 years this time.

Indeed, fundamentally, for him, nothing has changed. Technology is always so tremendous and it will end up exploding in broad daylight. Here is the declaration of love for Bitcoin that he made very recently on American television:

“It’s a great system, it’s a great currency, it’s a great way to work. I can’t wait to be able to raise a fund entirely in bitcoins, to invest all in bitcoins, to have the companies I invest in pay all their employees and suppliers in bitcoins. And that taxes are all paid in bitcoin (…). Because then there will be no more accounting and no more auditing because everything will be done on the blockchain. Everything will be clear and transparent. »

Tim Draper admits he got the date wrong but not the price – Source: Twitter

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… but the regulatory environment weighed on his previous prediction

You understood it, for Tim Draper, “Bitcoin is here to stay” he thus declared last Tuesday on Bloomberg TV and if his previous prediction fell through, it is not his fault, but rather that of the US authorities. The repeated assaults of the DRY against different exchanges have for him delayed the advent of Bitcoin:

“I didn’t really expect the American bureaucracy to be so aggressive and I thought they would recognize that they have to compete with the rest of the world. »

The lack of a platform regulated and regulatory framework have clearly blocked investments in crypto and have, mechanically, prevented Bitcoin to reach the price he had envisaged at the time:

” They [les autorités américaines] have to provide a platform from which entrepreneurs can flourish, but by having the current regulation which is driven and dreamed up by the SEC, it’s scared away all the big entrepreneurs and I think it’s hurt the price of bitcoin. »

What are we to think of these words spoken by someone who has already invested massively in Bitcoin? We could say that he preach for his parish and that he just wants to be able to sell his billions of satoshis at the best price. But at the same time, he’s not the only one who falls in love with technology and thinks it could find its place in the global finance. Lately we even saw the giant BlackRock take an interest in the thing whereas some, like Michael Saylorcontinue to relentlessly invest in this asset like no other. Are all these people on the wrong track? Answer in two years!

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