BKW: Energy and use of the BKW grid for basic supply will cost the same in 2023 as in 2022

The total price that customers pay for electricity is broken down into three components: energy, grid usage (including ancillary services paid to Swissgrid) and various taxes.

BKW’s energy price remains the same – thanks to power from its own power plants

BKW customers who benefit from the basic supply will pay in 2023 the same as in 2022 for energy. BKW supplies its basic supply customers with electricity produced mainly by its own power stations. The price of BKW’s energy in the basic supply thus depends mainly on the costs of generating electricity. BKW manages to maintain the stability of the latter to a large extent despite the current general price increase, thanks to constant measures of efficiency and digitization in its power plants.

Increase in Swissgrid tariffs for general ancillary services

In 2023, BKW will charge its customers with basic supply the same price as hitherto for grid use. In contrast, Swissgrid is increasing general ancillary services by 0.3 cents per kilowatt hour due to price increases in European electricity markets (see Swissgrid press release of March 22, 2022). For an annual consumption of 4,500 kilowatt hours, this corresponds to an increase of 13.50 francs per year.

Simplification of the tariff structure

At 1er January 2023, BKW is simplifying its tariff structure and offering its customers with an annual offtake of up to 50,000 kilowatt hours only a single tariff for energy and grid use. Each kilowatt-hour withdrawn therefore costs the same price. With this single tariff, BKW wants to create an incentive for efficient network use and to reduce peak loads – in particular due to increasing electromobility. This contributes to the stability of the distribution network. In addition, with the single tariff, BKW is taking an important step towards new tariff models. Depending on the individual direct debit profile, customers who switch from the optional double tariff to the single tariff may see their costs increase. These customers will be informed in writing by the end of August 2022 by BKW.

Slight modification of the Energy Green energy mix

For the year 2023, BKW is changing the composition of its Energy Green certified green power product. It is still made up of 100% ecological and renewable energy bearing the “naturemade” label of excellence, but no longer solely solar energy. The energy mix of the standard Energy Blue product does not change. The Energy Gray product is still predominantly nuclear energy.

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