BlazBlue Entropy Effect: a side-scrolling Chinese roguelite with Arc System Works characters available on PC in Early Access

At the beginning of the year, a page Steam for a game called BlazBlue Entropy Effect had burst onto the online store of Valveenough to be intrigued since it was unfortunately not a new fighting game, but aA roguelite 2D in side scrolling developed by the Chinese 91Actalready behind the mobile title BlazBlue: Revolution Reburning, which offers fighting on Android and iOS. Well, this new episode is now available in Early Access and therefore offers a launch trailer on this occasionwhich does not lack arguments to make you want to play it.

Available with textual localization in English and audio in Chinese (yet we hear the Japanese voices of the characters in the videos below…), BlazBlue Entropy Effect therefore currently offers about 60% to 70% of the content planned for the final version, which should be released in the first quarter of 2024, with the developers hoping to get player feedback to improve it by then. A comprehensive multi-purpose storyline, more playable characters and additional game modes are also planned.

Early Access content

  • 4 vast themed stages and a procedurally generated metroidvania-like map.
  • 7 unique characters and more than 100 “Potentials”.
  • 8 elemental systems with a total of over 200 Tactics for customization.
  • 10 bosses with independent mechanics, more than 50 varieties of enemies.
  • An advanced mode where bosses have evolved shapes and mechanics.
  • Mature and uniquely presented story.

BlazBlue Entropy Effect is however paying, costing at the base 19.50 €, but benefiting until August 22 from a reduction offering it at the price of 17.16 €. 91Act promises not to increase this price for the duration of theEarly Accessbut it could then be adjusted to reflect the content made available.

You can check out the currently included character gameplay below, namely Ragna, hakumen, Λ-No.11-, Christmas, kokonoe, May And Hibiki.

If you prefer an experience of versus fightingthe different games BlazBlue released on PC are on sale at the house of Gamesplanetwith currently 10% discount.

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