Blitz recipe: Fruity strawberry ice cream with just 2 ingredients

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Fruity, refreshing summer ice cream made from 2 ingredients

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With chocolate chips or peanut butter – or just pure and without added sugar? Everything is guaranteed to taste good with this delicious two-ingredient ice cream. All you need is overripe bananas, your choice of second ingredient, and a good food processor that won’t break down even when chopping up frozen ingredients.

Today we take bananas with blueberries – and use them to create a fruity, refreshing summer ice cream.

Two ingredient banana blueberry ice cream


In just a few steps to a creamy summer dessert

  1. Slice the bananas and place them in a freezer-safe container, preferably in a single layer rather than stacking the pieces on top of each other. The blueberries too. The less fruit is stacked, the better the freezing process will be. So if you want to get your ice cream quickly, we recommend this approach.
  2. Wait at least 2 hours or freeze the fruit overnight.
  3. Take everything out and put the ingredients in your food processor. Blend everything until you get a creamy consistency. You may need a few tries to do this, occasionally using a spoon to redistribute the mixture in the container to get the blender blades moving again.
  4. Serve the ice cream directly for a softer texture, similar to a soft serve. If you prefer the ice cream harder, you can freeze it again. When you take it out, it will be relatively hard. Therefore, it’s best to wait five minutes before attempting to extract the balls.

Other creations, according to your taste

As mentioned at the beginning, there are no limits to the variations of this ice cream. As a basis you take the overripe bananas, of which you can of course freeze more than four pieces. So you can always make ice cream when time is short – for example using a frozen berry mix or other frozen fruits. You can also add chocolate or almond cream to create a different sweetness. Of course, toppings are also suitable for the summer ice cream – whether chocolate sprinkles, cream or pieces of fresh fruit, you are free to decide what you want to add. Have fun trying it out and above all: Bon appetit!

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