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Paris, Monday, June 26, 2023

Bluelinea now offers its Serenea nurse call solution


in “rental mode” to support management and carers of EHPADs

Bluelinea, a major operator in the “Silver Economy” sector in France, has decided to make the Serenea solution available


“in rental mode” to support, on a daily basis, the management and carers of EHPADs and residences dedicated to the reception of the elderly.

For the past two years, establishments dedicated to seniors (EHPAD, Residences for autonomy or services) have been going through a real crisis. The Serenea solution


which contributes to the well-being of residents and the improvement of the quality of services, thus enabling management and carers to regain the trust of families and institutions.

After having equipped nearly 500 establishments in France, Bluelinea has decided to facilitate access to its Serenea solution


by making it available “in rental mode”.

An earthquake caused by a loss of confidence of the stakeholders of the “old age”

The entire profession has been the victim of an amalgam following revelations and reports related to certain practices observed in some establishments. Since then, calmly managing an EHPAD has become a constant challenge.

This crisis has upset the balance of an entire sector. The replacement of leaders of EHPAD groups, a historic level of “Burnout” among the directors of establishments as well as the significant disaffection on the part of caregivers have revealed a continuity of operation issue for many establishments. whether private, associative or public.

These phenomena have greatly slowed down equipment investment decisions since the beginning of 2023.

At the same time, Bluelinea notes that several historical suppliers of essential solutions for caregivers, such as the nurse call, are encountering serious problems with logistics, maintenance capacity and deployment.

Based on this observation, the Bluelinea team thought about the best way to facilitate access to Serenea


for all establishments and thus provide them with exhaustive indicators relating to the proper handling of calls and requests from their residents.



: the Nurse call solution with live monitoring of the quality of services

The Bluelinea team has prepared a configuration including the functionalities expected by users of competing solutions such as: mobile nurse call medallions (which also allow location inside an establishment), proximity acknowledgment of alerts (thanks to the medallion worn by a carer who can also serve as a request for reinforcement from colleagues) and of course the coupling with the telephony solutions (DECT) in place.

This full version of Serenea


“ready to be delivered” in a few weeks (compared to several months of waiting currently for other solutions on the market


incorporates the usual and innovative features expected by caregivers and their management, such as monitoring the responsiveness and quality of services in near real time.

Bluelinea has also chosen to include in its basic offer the transfer of unanswered calls within 10 minutes to its “HELP” platform and thus assist caregivers, day and night.



in rental mode: Monthly subscription of €600 excluding tax per establishment and €5 excluding tax per room

Bluelinea has observed that a number of establishments are currently encountering major difficulties in maintaining or renewing their equipment, due to the obsolescence of certain “nursing calls” in place or the lack of responsiveness of their historical supplier.

These same establishments are sometimes confronted with budgetary restrictions or difficulties in making investments, making it impossible to access this equipment, which is nevertheless essential.

Bluelinea has therefore decided to break the codes and launch a commercial offer in the form of simple, accessible pricing adapted to the size of each establishment.

Each director of EHPAD or residence dedicated to seniors can thus calculate the amount of the monthly subscription to Serenea


based on a fixed fee for the entire establishment (€600.00 excluding tax per month) and an additional cost per room (€5.00 excluding tax per month).

Thus, a standard establishment with 70 beds will pay €950.00 excluding tax per month, with no obligation. The installation costs depend on the type and architecture of the buildings for an indicative budget of 3 to 5,000 € excluding tax.

Other options are also available, still in the form of a monthly subscription, without commitment, for the provision of access and escape management systems, prevention of night falls, portholes or zippers for sanitary facilities.

An “all-inclusive” offer including supervision and replacement of mobile equipment

Provision of the Serenea solution


includes the management of the replacement of elements such as batteries or certain mobile and connected devices every 2 years. The supervision and assistance, provided by the Bluelinea team or its partners authorized to offer this offer, makes it possible to guarantee the continuity of service necessary for each establishment.

Facilitate access to the Serenea solution


to support caregivers and establishments as quickly as possible

Thanks to this new offer “in rental mode”, Bluelinea and a dozen authorized partners are mobilizing throughout the national territory to replace nurse call solutions that have become obsolete and no longer meet the requirements expected by each establishment dedicated to the accommodation for seniors.

“As we soon celebrate the 500


establishment equipped with the Serenea solution


, it was Bluelinea’s responsibility to facilitate access to this solution, which has proven its effectiveness and supports caregivers and their management on a daily basis. Real-time activity management, service quality monitoring and anything that can improve the quality of life at work for caregivers have become key issues in ensuring continuity of service to residents. We can now launch this initiative thanks to the financial support of our reference shareholder, the Apicil group, which thus demonstrates its desire to step up in services. »

declares Laurent LEVASSEUR, Chairman of the Management Board of Bluelinea.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact the Bluelinea team on 0800 94 11 10 (freephone number) or send an email to [email protected].

Next meeting: turnover of 1


semester 2023, Wednesday July 5, 2023 (before market opening)

About Bluelinea:

“Caring for loved ones, whether they are elderly or disabled, at home or in an establishment”

is the main mission of Bluelinea, the first SilverTech listed on Euronext Growth.

The activity

“Seniors & Home”

accompanies, day and night, families and their elders thanks to the deployment of solutions and services


. At the same time, the activity

“Connected Establishments”

protects residents while assisting caregivers and staff in shared flats between seniors, serviced residences, nursing homes, specialized disability centers or more broadly in healthcare establishments thanks to the unique modular solution

« Serenea




With this complementary expertise in solutions and services dedicated to

“aging well” course, Bluelinea

positions itself as a key player with families, with kindness and responsibility.

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