Blunt Cut: The new trend hairstyle is so beautiful

Blunt cut
The trend hairstyle for 2021 is so beautiful

This is the trending hairstyle for 2019

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Hairstyles should be as "undone" and casual as possible for several years. Now comes the counter-trend: the blunt cut is currently extremely popular and is guaranteed to accompany us into the new year.

Messy buns, beach waves that are anything but accurate, and braids that allow one strand or the other to peek out – hairstyles that make you look like you've just fallen out of bed have long been among the big hair trends.

Even now you can still see the looks everywhere. But a counter-trend is emerging. Suddenly you want more order on your head and the designers also rely on neat haircuts for their models on the catwalk. One hairstyle is particularly popular: the blunt cut.

The Blunt Cut: This is how accurate the new hair trend is

The haircut is quickly described: all hair is cut to one length; You look for steps in vain. The look is generally suitable for every hair length. However, it is particularly stylish with a bob hairstyle or a long bob. If you like, you can combine straight cut bangs to the uniform hair length. That looks twice as stylish and the bob with bangs is super trendy right now.

By the way: If you generally have thin hair, a slightly shorter blunt cut is suitable. The longer the cut, the less volume the hair will have. The shorter, the more fluffy it looks.

How do you style the blunt cut?

In general, two hairstyles are particularly recommended for the haircut: one is the sleek look, in which all hair is straightened with a straightening iron and worn open. Alternatively, you can wear the cut curly with casual beach waves.

Depending on how long the hair is, elegant hairstyles such as ponytails, buns or a braided hairstyle are of course also suitable. The particular advantage when all strands of hair end on the same length: the hairstyles do not dissolve at some point. Every look is bombproof.

Do you want to miss the hairstyle as well and are you still looking for templates? We have selected the most beautiful inspirations for the look on Instagram and put them together here: