Bob Marley: So the reggae icon remains unforgettable to this day


"One love, one world, one destiny" – this famous quote by Bob Marley (1945-1981) will probably always be up to date. Just like his music: Because the reggae icon continues to be one of the top earners. Last year he was ranked fifth on the list of the richest dead stars in the Forbes magazine. Accordingly, Marley earns $ 20 million annually. This income is provided by the high streaming numbers of his still omnipresent music and the sale of his "House of Marley" products – under this brand, among other things, sustainably produced headphones, speakers and turntables are sold.

The music lives on in his big family

One can rightly call Bob Marley the "King of Reggae". Hardly anyone else has shaped the music genre as much as he has. Songs like "No Woman, No Cry" (1974), "Redemption Song" (1980) or "Get Up, Stand Up" (1973) are unforgettable. Fans still adore him for his music and lyrics. Bob Marley remains a symbolic figure for criticism of social and political grievances and for the religion of the Rastafarian.


Some of his musical legacy lives on in his children. Because most of them have also become reggae musicians. Marley has officially recognized twelve: Makeda (38), Damian (41), Ky-Mani (43), Julian (44), Stephanie (45), Stephen (47), Rohan (47), Karen (47), Robbie ( 47), Ziggy (51), Cedella (52) and Sharon (55). Marley's children, which he had with his wife Rita (73), even founded their own reggae band under the name Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. His other sons and daughters come from seven other women.

Murder attack and cancer

Bob Marley is not only known for his music and belief, but also for the harsh fate of his life. In 1976, Marley was the victim of a murder attack: unknown people entered his house and shot the musician, his wife Rita and his manager Don Taylor (1943-1999). The background to this tragic act was never clarified.

A doctor diagnosed melanoma on the big toe, black skin cancer. Bob Marley decided against the recommended amputation because of his belief, the cancer spread throughout his body. In 1980 he finally collapsed while jogging in Central Park in New York. He gave his last concert in September of the same year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When he got worse and worse, he went to see the German doctor Josef Issels (1907-1998), whose treatment concept for cancer is controversial to this day.

Bob Marley's tragic death

Bob Marley wanted to die in his native Jamaica. However, he couldn't get there in time. During a stopover of his flight in Florida, he had to be taken to a Miami hospital – Marley was too weak to travel on. On the same day, May 11, 1981, he died there of his cancer at the age of 36.

His coffin was transferred to his small birthplace Nine Miles in the interior of Jamaica, where you can still visit his birthplace and his grave in the Bob Marley Mausoleum. He is said to have been buried there with a Bible, his red guitar, a marijuana branch and a special ring by Haile Selassie (1892-1975). Haile Selassie was the last Emperor of Ethiopia and ruled until 1974. The Rastafarians still worship him as the returning Messiah.

This is how his 75th birthday is celebrated

Bob Marley's 75th birthday celebrations started in January. As part of the Grammy Awards on January 26, The One Love Hotel opened in West Hollywood. During the first few days, numerous musicians gave concerts in honor of Marley, including Bishop Briggs (27), Jessie Reyez (28), Bob Marley's grandson Skip (23) and his son Julian.

"Dad's message has always been that of love and unity. For the past decades and generations to come, his music has served as an inspiration around the world," said daughter Cedella in an announcement from Bob Marley's Universal Music label, on the occasion organizes a concert week on birthday. Its purpose was to "celebrate and remember the power of his music and everything he stood for". The day before his birthday, an official video for his hit "Redemption Song" was also released.