Bonnie Strange: The model suffers from aphantasy

"Just imagine everyone is naked in the room so that you are not afraid": Model Bonnie Strange (33) says that this common advice against stage fright before a performance has never helped. And finally she knows why: "I can only imagine black, or I just see reality with open eyes. No matter how hard I try," she explains in her latest Instagram post entitled "Blind Inside "(" Blind Inside "). This phenomenon is called aphantasia, as she found out the day before her Insta message.

So she doesn't see her fantasies like most other people. "I don't see any memories, I just remember them completely without pictures. I neither have daydreams nor can I imagine the faces of my friends in my head. At no point in my life have I been able to do this," she describes the phenomenon. "Until yesterday, I thought that everyone would 'see' as I do, but no, apparently most of you lucky ones have a party in your imagination and can immerse yourself in visual thoughts."

"You all suddenly seem like magicians to me"

Bonnie Strange describes what this newly acquired knowledge does to her: "I dream in pictures, yes, but only at night while I sleep, and that's it. (…) It's crazy to find out that this is not normal … Life looks so different now, and you all suddenly seem like magicians to me ".

Aphantasy is the phenomenon of not having a visual imagination.