Boris Becker in prison: his ex-wife Lily has still not told their son Amadeus…

It is a judgment that has had the effect of a bomb in the world of tennis. The former star of the discipline Boris Becker, known for having won 6 Grand Slam tournaments in his career, has always been talked about, both on and off the courts. Worried by English justice, the 54-year-old German had to face a highly publicized trial in London last week. Accused of having concealed or illicitly transferred hundreds of thousands of euros, the one nicknamed Boom-Boom was sentenced to a two-year prison term.

A very heavy verdict for the former tennis player, who is now in prison and far from his relatives and in particular his latest companion, Lilian de Carvalho, who has accompanied him throughout the past few months. Man to woman, Boris Becker had several wives in his life, including Lilly Becker, whom he married in 2009 and with whom he has a son, Amadeus. The 45-year-old Dutch model divorced in 2018, but she is obviously worried about the sentence the German has received and especially the impact it may have on her son. “Boris doesn’t deserve this. I support him no matter what”she said at the microphone of RTL recently.

He doesn’t know anything yet. His father is his hero, and he always will be.

Only 12 years old, the young Amadeus is well protected by his mother and for now, she still hasn’t decided to talk to him about it. “He doesn’t know anything yet. His father is his hero, and he will always remain so”, continues Lilly Becker. Father of 4 children from 3 different women, Boris Becker knows he can count on the support of those close to him. Her daughter Anna Ermakova, 22, also reacted to her father’s condemnation by trying to comfort him: “Hang on Daddy, I’m coming”.

Now behind bars for a long time, Boris Becker leaves his loved ones for a while and the lack may be felt…

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