Boston Dynamics unveils Atlas, its electric robot which will be used in Hyundai factories

Atlas will equip Hyundai factories

© Boston Dynamics

Each new creation from Boston Dynamics impresses. Whether it’s his robot dog Spot, capable of opening doors, or the humanoid robot Atlas. And its latest electric version is just as impressive as shown in a new video published on April 17.

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Atlas is equipped with electric motors

Atlas unveils his new version through a video which shows him lying on his back before getting up with ease, performing movements worthy of a contortionist. Or Regan McNeil played by Linda Blair in The Exorcist by William Friedkin, your choice.

This video proves to us that the Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics is capable of moving with agility. This new generation is based on fully electric motors to accomplish this feat. The previous one relied on hydraulic motors to jump with explosion by gaining momentum, in particular. But this technology limited his movement capabilities because of the cables. The slightest fall prevented him from getting up again.

Hyundai to use Atlas in its factories

The other advantage of hydraulic motors is the reduced production cost since for the first time, the Atlas robot is intended for commercialization. Hyundai will add it to its factories for a test phase. The metallic creature will be able to carry heavy loads with dexterity to free humans from overwhelming tasks.

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