Brand new luxury vacuum robot: You can buy the Amazon bestseller for 355 euros cheaper from this retailer


The answer to the question of whether you should actually spend 1,200 euros on this vacuum and mopping robot is “no”. However, things look completely different during sales and with an additional voucher code.

Narwhal Freo X Ultra (Source: Geekmaxi)

Narwal is not only an Arctic choice, but is also increasingly known in this country as a manufacturer of vacuum and mopping robots. However, in the domestic Chinese market, Narwal ranks third in terms of market share and fifth globally.

So it’s time to expand the synapses with some new connections, but the manufacturer is still taking it easy in Germany and is starting cautiously with a few models and variants so that it doesn’t immediately become confusing like with other manufacturers.

Bestseller on Amazon: Narwal Freo X Ultra in 4th place
Bestseller on Amazon: Narwal Freo X Ultra in 4th place

Last year it was the Narwal Freo, this year the successor model Narwal Freo X Ultra, which found its way into our test laboratories.

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And like its predecessor, the Ultra version of the device was certainly pleasing and convincing, if it weren’t for the price issue that the tester criticized.

…in our opinion the asking price of 1,199 euros (RRP) is clearly too high. With the early bird discount, the price is reasonable (949 euros), but a clear recommendation is still difficult due to the strong competition…

Narwal Freo X Ultra review

Now there is the all-clear on this point: According to the price comparison, the vacuum robot is not available at any retailer at market launch for less than the list price of 1,199 euros, Amazon. Otto and Co. demand the list price. But many price comparisons don’t include one retailer: Geekmaxi.

The retailer is one of the established Chinese players with a long history and a shopping experience tailored to European tastes. Above all, the most sought-after products are in warehouses within the EU, so neither customs nor delivery problems are to be expected.

Narwhal Freo X Ultra 1

Narwal Freo X Ultra 1 (Source: Netzwelt)

You can now save 355 euros if you shop at Geekmaxi instead of Otto or Amazon. There’s a “MEGA sale” going on there right now, and the Narwal Freo However, the price can be changed using the voucher code, probably until March 25th 4Eqd7pMg by 6% to the final price of 845.06 euros.

Narwhal Freo X Ultra
  • Exceptional award-winning design

  • Suction power 8,200 Pa

  • Automatic washing and drying of mops

  • Up to 7 weeks without emptying

  • Delivered free of charge from an EU warehouse

  • Coupon Code 4Eqd7pMg

Deal tip:

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You can pay with Paypal, for example, delivery is free from DPD, and the shipping time is given as two to seven days. It’s that easy to save almost 355 euros when you buy a vacuum and mopping robot from the premium category.

The “sister model”, the Narwal Freo X Plus, is also available at Geekmaxi at the best price. If you don’t need a suction station for your vacuum and mopping robot, you’ll pay more than 500 euros less: you can buy the Narwal Freo X Plus with the voucher code GMX Freo XPlus for 329 euros.

NETZWELT may receive a commission from the retailer for links on this page. More info.

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