Breast milk may help fight the virus, study finds


Chinese researchers indicate that breast milk may be effective in fighting the virus.

In Beijng, a team of scientists found that breast milk may also have benefits in treating the coronavirus epidemic. Explanations.

Breast milk, a real antibody

A team of researchers may have found the miracle solution. Scientists tested the effects of breast milk on cells that were exposed to the coronavirus. Scientists believe that the coronavirus is sensitive to some well-known antiviral proteins in breast milk such as lactoferrin.

" Breast milk prevented the virus from spreading Beijing University professor Tong Yigang explains. Researchers have found antibodies in breast milk that can work effectively against the disease. These antibodies are resistant to pasteurization and therefore breast milk can be given to patients with covid-19.

The latest study from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that mothers should continue to breastfeed even if they have contracted the coronavirus. Scientists concluded that the infection could be inhibited by breast milk, which is already known to kill many bacteria and viruses such as HIV.

However, Chinese researchers have found that heating milk to 90 degrees for about ten minutes inactivates whey protein, which drops the rate of protection against the coronavirus to less than 20%.

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