Brest: transport suspended after the attack on a tram, the police attacked

After being confronted with a “guerrilla scene” according to the CFDT, the employees of Bibus, the public transport network of Brest (Brittany), exercised their right of withdrawal. This Sunday, January 23, the circulation of buses and trams was thus suspended.

On its website, Bibus indicated that this traffic interruption followed “incidents that took place (Saturday) evening on the public transport network and affected the safety of employees. […] and travellers”.

According to Jean-Philippe Setbon, the sub-prefect of Brest, the facts in question took place around 11 p.m., in the Pontanézen district. A tram was forced to stop because of barriers placed on the track, then was targeted by fireworks, without causing injuries.

While the passengers were being transferred to buses to continue their journey, clashes broke out between around twenty hooded and masked people and the police. A bus shelter was damaged and a Bibus service vehicle was set on fire. Calm finally returned after an hour.

Violence “in reaction” to arrests

Thursday, two vehicles had already burned in the same neighborhood. The day before, eight young people had been arrested as part of a narcotics search operation. François Cuillandre, PS mayor of Brest, believes that the urban violence recorded since took place “probably in reaction to the arrests made this week”.

Bringing his “support” to the police and firefighters, the city councilor indicates in a press release that the latter “see themselves increasingly targeted in their interventions by fireworks mortars diverted from their use”. And disapproves of the fact “that this type of material is so easily available to offenders in all the cities of France”.

“It is not acceptable that twenty individuals block a public service, which allows the inhabitants of this district and all the inhabitants of the metropolis to move freely”, writes François Cuillandre again. A position shared by the sub-prefect who, in order to avoid further violence, has requested additional police personnel for the nights to come.

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