Bridgerton: Permissive scenes are increasingly appearing on the net without permission

Permissive scenes are increasingly appearing on the internet without permission

Between Simon and Daphne there is a huge crackling in "Bridgerton".


The series "Bridgerton" has some revealing scenes that have already made it onto porn sites.

After its release on Christmas 2020, the Netflix hit "Bridgerton" laid out a considerable road to success. The series about London's high society around 1813 caused enthusiasm among other things with its erotic sex and love scenes. But it is precisely these that have also called Internet pirates on the scene, who broadcast these scenes on porn sites. As the British "The Sun" reports, citing an insider, the spread of the scenes on adult sites to "anger and dismay" in the cast around Phoebe Dynevor (25, Daphne Bridgerton) and Regé-Jean Page (31, Duke Simon Basset) ) have led.

Netflix has already become active according to the "The Sun" source and is taking action against the pirated copies. Many clips are said to have already been removed from the platforms. "Anyone who thinks about trying this will feel the full power of the world's largest streaming service against them," said the insider. Fines and imprisonment are possible for copyright infringements. For the two young leading actors, the developments were particularly worrying, the source said. "You have chosen the role of your life and you do not agree to be taken advantage of."

Phoebe Dynevor: "Sex scenes tell Daphne's sexual development"

In an interview with "The Wrap" at the end of December, Phoebe Dynevor emphasized the importance of the revealing attitudes: "It never felt like the sex scenes were only there because of the sex scenes. They really told a story." They told Daphne's sexual development and it was very important to her to get it right. In relation to one person, Dynevor's daring images were too intimate: In an interview with "The Daily Star", the actress revealed that she always fast-forwarded the said scenes when she and her mother Sally Dynevor (57) devoted to the series. "I had to sit there with the remote on high alert."