Brigitte Bardot, her rant addressed to a minister: “I’m not expecting a Christmas miracle…”

At 89 years old, Brigitte Bardot still doesn’t have her tongue in her pocket, and she proved it again on Wednesday November 29. Very committed to the animal cause, a fight that she officially began in the 1960s and which she has continued since, the former actress and model published an open letter on the website of her foundation. A letter addressed directly to Christophe Béchu, Minister of Ecological Transition, and which concerns the protection of wild boars. Brigitte Bardot thus mentioned the “a moving testimony from a family in the Loiret” who has “was condemned by the courts for having collected and raised two wild boars whose mother had been killed during a hunting trip”.

She expressed her anger at learning that these people living in La Ferté-Saint-Aubin, in Loiret, (and all those “who collect” this animal “often orphaned and victim of hunters”) have been “persecuted[ées]” judicially while “2018 François de Rugy allowed the regularization of individuals who rescued a wild boar”. The former actress and sex symbol therefore attacks the current minister, who “is preparing to remove this provision which nevertheless meets a real need”. Brigitte Bardot then, in her letter, attacked the 49-year-old politician, also secretary general of Horizons, accusing him of not “propose no solution and condemn to death all the wild boars collected”, as was the case for Pumba and Mimi, young pigs “transferred to a hunting park to be slaughtered” while they were protected by the couple who came to their aid.

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A demand “empathy” to calm down a “Fed up” general

“What some men do to humans, others do to animals.” she said, indicating that her “foundation is requested by individuals” not having “no heart to give up to certain death” These animals “isolated, lost”. “I’m fed up with the stupid decisions of our disconnected ministers, deaf to the concerns of the French regarding the protection of animals and they are fed up with seeing politicians being nothing more than doormats for hunters”, added Brigitte Bardot, critic, vis-à-vis a government which does not take into account the fight for animal rights that she has been leading for so many years. “I’m not expecting a Christmas miracle, just a burst of empathy, intelligence and kindness,” she said firmly, recalling that “Saving the life of an animal is not a crime”.

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