Britney Spears: Ex-husband charged with stalking and burglary

Britney Spears
Ex-husband charged with stalking and burglary

An ex-boyfriend is causing trouble for Britney Spears.

An ex-boyfriend is causing trouble for Britney Spears.

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Jason Alexander, with whom Britney Spears was married for a few hours in 2004, is accused of stalking and breaking and entering the US star.

Jason Alexander (40), the ex-husband of Britney Spears (40), has to answer to the US singer for stalking and burglary, among other things. Ventura County Judge David R. Worley ruled Monday in a two-hour preliminary hearing, as reported, among other things, by the “Associated Press”. There is enough evidence for an indictment. His bail was set at $100,000. Jason Alexander, meanwhile, has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.

Alexander, to whom Spears was married for 55 hours in early January 2004 before being annulled, is said to have broken into the singer’s house just hours before her wedding to Sam Asghari, 28.

In addition to stalking, the 40-year-old was also charged with trespassing, refusing to leave private property, vandalism and assault, like “People” magazine citing a form with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

Statements from a security officer and a sheriff

During the hearing, a security officer testified that on Spears’ wedding day, Alexander tried to force open their locked bedroom door. This is reported by the “Rolling Stone”. “He started reaching into his right pocket,” the security guard claimed of Alexander after Spears’ ex noticed her door wouldn’t open. “I drew my gun and held it to my chest.” The security officer also testified that Alexander was seen near her home in late May and a day before Spears’ wedding. He shouted the singer’s name when asked to leave the property.

Deputy Sheriff Jose Torres also took the witness stand, according to the report, and stated that after arriving at the scene, he found a pocket knife on Alexander.

Spears was “very upset” after Alexander’s arrest and wanted “everyone to leave the property.” She also went away with her fianc√© “to calm down”.

Jason Alexander fights back

Jason Alexander’s public defender, Sandra Bisignani, allegedly claimed that her client did not intend to hurt Spears. She then told Judge Worley that “it was Mr. Alexander’s intention to speak to Britney, to inquire about her well-being, to make sure that it [die Hochzeit mit Sam Asghari, Red.] that was what she really wanted, not to scare her”.

Spears married longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari on June 9 at their home in Thousand Oaks, California in the presence of several dozen guests including Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore, Paris Hilton and Madonna.

Jason Alexander’s next court date is scheduled for July 12.


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