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SEBA Bank now wants to offer a crypto lending service on selected proof-of-stake platforms.

As the holder of the first Swiss license for the safekeeping of crypto assets, the SEBA bank their offer further. After a Press release From October 13, it should now be possible for institutional customers to earn for their assets on Tezos, Polkadot, and Cardano Rewards. The integration of further DeFi platforms is also planned.

Only recently, the bank made headlines, being one of the first in the world to receive a license under the Financial Institutions and Collective Investment Schemes Act (KAG). With crypto lending in the portfolio, the catapults itself SEBA bank strongly in the direction of crypto all-rounders. With their new program SEBA earn enables the company to lend their tokens to crypto traders. This allows them to generate additional income without having to sell their actual crypto assets. In Germany, for example Nuri such a service in cooperation with the crypto lending provider Celsius. We have also highlighted everything to do with lending coins in our current crypto compass.

A “flexible platform” for investors

In addition, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) can now also be lent directly to the Swiss bank in order to earn interest. Integrating additional coins in the future is also under discussion.

Guido Buehler, CEO of SEBA Bank, commented on the new feature as follows:

It is clear that as institutional interest in digital assets increases, investors have a broader interest in crypto assets, with a particular interest in income services like staking, DeFi, and centralized crypto lending and lending. SEBA Earn, our comprehensive offering for the acquisition of digital assets, offers professional and institutional actors a flexible platform and a trustworthy, regulated provider for a secure entry into this area. Innovation is one of the core of our philosophy at SEBA Bank and I am delighted that we can offer our clients the most modern technology they need to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital asset industry.

Guido Buehler, CEO of SEBA Bank

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