Build quality: which automakers do best and which ones to avoid

Automotive brands sometimes have a reputation – good or bad – that sticks to them when it comes to manufacturing quality. However, it is not always justified, so there is nothing better than analyzing figures to find out which manufacturers are the most serious and which should be avoided.

As part of its annual barometer, the Builders’ Love Rating, the Mobilians organization, which brings together players in the automobile industry in France, surveyed 443 distributors from 28 manufacturers. The main brands are therefore present, with the exception of Tesla, which prefers a direct distribution model. The study focuses on various satisfaction criteria, including after-sales returns linked to manufacturing defects.

A 100% Japanese podium

While Japanese cars are often criticized for their outdated interiors and unflattering materials, they are on the other hand renowned for the seriousness of their manufacturing. This last point is confirmed here, since the three manufacturers preferred by dealers for their low return rate are Japanese. Honda occupies first place on the podium, with a satisfaction rating from its network of 9.75/10, followed by Suzuki (8.47/10), then Toyota (8.42/10).

Already accustomed to being at the top of the reliability rankings, these three manufacturers also shine with their manufacturing quality. Honda is also number 1 according to the “level of quality of vehicles delivered” criterion, and will emerge in 2023 as the brand that most satisfies its network in the overall ranking.

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If Volvo maintains a reputation for foolproof reliability, this image unfortunately no longer reflects its current production. Thus, the manufacturer often finds itself at the bottom of the reliability rankings, the fault of numerous mechanical problems. However, here it takes 4th place in the ranking, with few after-sales returns, and a score of 7.9/10. Finally, MG Motor completes this top 5 with a score of 7.8/10, which proves once again that Chinese manufacturing is not always synonymous with poor quality.

Renault is doing much better than Stellantis

Jaguar/Land Rover closes the ranking, with a score of only 1.6/10. The two English brands certainly offer high-end models, but the manufacturing quality is not up to par. They also rank last according to the “level of quality of vehicles delivered” criterion.

The Stellantis group brands don’t do much better. Alfa Romeo thus places 27th (2.43/10) and DS Automobiles does not honor the French know-how that it promotes, by placing 26th (3.18/10). The bottom of the ranking continues with other manufacturers in the group, such as Citroën (25th with 3.38/10), Peugeot (24th with 3.73/10), Opel (23rd with 4.27/10) and Jeep (22nd with 4.44/10).

Renault and its low-cost brand Dacia, on the other hand, are relatively well placed, taking 9th and 10th places respectively in the ranking, both with scores above 7/10. Dacia also ranks 3rd according to the “level of quality of vehicles delivered” criterion.

As for the famous German quality, the German groups disappoint. Mercedes and Volkswagen Group brands score poorly. Only BMW and its subsidiary Mini really manage to satisfy their network on this point.


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