On May 24th – The “Long Night of Research” invites you

Under the nationwide motto “Get involved. Amazement. Discover.” Upper Austria is offering a wide-ranging LIVE program at the eleventh edition of the Long Night of Research 2024 (#LNF24) on Friday, May 24, 2024 from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

In 10 regions in Upper Austria, around 140 universities, research institutions, technology centers and innovative companies invite you to take a look into the fascinating world of research. A varied program with exciting insights into the innovations of tomorrow awaits explorers of all ages. With almost 700 research stations and program items, “research live on your doorstep” is offered: Your highlights in the Mühlviertel The central hotspot in the Mühlviertel is the Hagenberg Software Park with a focus on IT. The IT hotspot is the Hagenberg Software Park. Here you can feel how digitalization is revolutionizing many areas of our lives – from paying in restaurants using camera recognition of food and drinks to searching for wild animals using drones and autonomous driving.Your highlights in the TraunviertelIn the Traunviertel, in addition to Steyr, the Kirchdorf region is also presenting itself for the first time.Visitors In Steyr you can experience different facets of modern technologies: from image design with artificial intelligence to programming games and eye tracking. Kirchdorf takes you into the world of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology (MINT) and takes you along Well-thought-out offers for every age group: from MINI-MINT to get started for the little ones, to TEEN-MINT for young people, to MAXI-MINT to deepen knowledge.Your highlights in the HausruckviertelThe Hausruckviertel is broad with Linz, Wels, Grieskirchen and Mondsee set up in the region. With a flying fox you can jump into the action in Wels, find out more about the monkey index (the ratio of arm span to body height), build the smallest solar-powered windmill and test rescue robots for dangerous situations. With over 30 exhibitors, Linz offers as the center of events, a comprehensive and multi-faceted broad program. Over 230 research questions are waiting to be answered. Whether artificial intelligence, simulations for medicine, energy and climate or the transformation of mobility and industry – visitors of all ages can experience first hand the importance of research for us. Among other things, Grieskirchen presents insights into the latest recording techniques for film and television Elevator construction of tomorrow, the use of field robots in agriculture and interactive experiences when driving cranes with VR glasses as well as facility planning options with augmented reality. The Research Institute for Limnology at Mondsee at the University of Innsbruck is a central location in the region with a focus on the environment. Among other things, the secrets of genetic material can be explored with the help of gummy bears and a humorous show raises awareness of climate change.Your highlights in the InnviertelThe Innviertel with the regions of Braunau, Ried and Schärding is presented across the board with its innovative companies and a broad program. Ranshofen Castle forms the central hub in Braunau, surrounded by other leading exhibiting companies in the region. If you want to fly high into the sky, you can become a pilot with a B-737 flight simulator and can even complete night vision training. In the Ried region you can learn a lot about robots as friends and helpers: from cool robot dance moves to the collaboration between humans and machines to complex operations with robot-assisted systems – where visitors can also test their skills. Schärding gives, among other things, amazing insights into how a grain of sand becomes a microchip, how Lego bricks come to life with a tablet in the world of programming, or how the interior paneling of a business jet is created. Visit the Long Night of ResearchThe Long Night of Research is held nationwide. In Upper Austria, the initiative is coordinated by Upper Austrian Research GmbH, the lead company for research in the state of Upper Austria. The program of the Long Night of Research in Upper Austria can be found online at angenachtderforschung.at/ooe.
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