Bunq buys Tricount and its 5.4 million users

Bunq, a bank centered on the desires and needs of its users, founded in 2012, announced on Tuesday evening the acquisition of the Tricount application. A windfall of 5.4 million users for the Dutch nobank.

Bunq welcomes 5.4 million new users to its community through the acquisition of Belgian fintech Tricount. The announcement, made this Tuesday evening during Bunq Update 20 Amsterdam, is a new milestone in the development of the nobank founded in Amsterdam in 2012 by Canadian entrepreneur Ali Niknam. Since then, the nobank has grown and has just signed a nice coup with the takeover of Tricount, which offers it a windfall of 5.4 million potential users.

Innovative solutions to simplify your life

Tricount’s commitment to simplicity, transparency and its community aligns perfectly with our own values, the founder of Bunq said in a press release. I am very happy that we are able to offer Tricount users a number of innovative solutions to simplify their lives! For his part, Jonathan Fellon, the co-founder of Tricount declared himself enthusiastic about the many opportunities that this offers to users.

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This takeover confirms Bunq’s desire to offer solutions to facilitate payments between friends. Since 2019, the Dutch bank has already offered a similar service with its slice functionality. The latter made it possible to list everyone’s expenses and then to settle the accounts and reimburse themselves, all with the single Bunq application.

The Bunq Business pro account

The nobank also took advantage of the event to make other announcements, including the launch of several features for individual and professional users, including the Bunq Jackpot, which gives Dutch, German and French users 3 chances to win 10,000 euros each month , just using the Bunq app.

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Regarding changes in the application, the home tab now allows you to group accounts and their cards to customize the application according to individual needs. This is the first time that bank users can manage all their personal, professional and common finances in a single application, from a single screen, welcomes the brand in its press release.

Bunq, a mobile and ecological account

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