Burnout among social media managers

One person can’t do the work of an entire team, can they? Yet this is what we sometimes ask of social media managers. And, unsurprisingly, a study by Sprout Social tells us that 42% of marketers plan to no longer work on social platforms in the next two years. For many, the cup is full!

To understand these frustrations, just take a look at the job offers. Today, one and the same person is asked to manage all of a company’s social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X, YouTube, etc.), to create multimedia content and plan it, while interacting with the audience. Added to this is the reporting and management of a budget and advertising campaigns. It makes you want !?

Of course, many jobs are also overloaded and underpaid. But what is interesting here is the lack of understanding of the function. Rather than hiring a videographer, a photographer and a graphic designer, we prefer to find a five-legged sheep who will burn out professionally one day or another.

Unfortunately, the situation is nothing new. The to-do list seems endless, with an incessant flow of notifications and negative, even hateful, comments don’t help you thrive at work. A business leader should be aware of this and re-evaluate the burden this places on a person.

Very simple solutions…

With a new generation of employees, certain subjects are less taboo than before and working conditions are one of these major subjects. Mental health is a significant parameter for retaining employees and managers must now listen by adapting their teams. By taking a step back from a job description, it is easy to see when the task is too big to weigh on the shoulders of a single person.

It is therefore necessary to re-evaluate job descriptions on social networks and see if certain responsibilities cannot be shared or outsourced. This can easily reduce the stress load and, in a good working environment, lead to more performance.

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