Butterfly Haircut: Why Margot Robbie’s trendy hairstyle is so popular

Butterfly Haircut
Why Margot Robbie’s trendy hairstyle is so popular

Margot Robbie shines in “Butterfly Haircut”.

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There is currently no way around casual short hairstyles. If you don’t dare to make the cut yet, try the “Butterfly Haircut”.

Cut or grow? Most of us have faced this decision before. On the other hand, very few have resorted to scissors. It’s not necessary either. The trendy “Butterfly Haircut” makes it possible to wear a short bob without leaving (almost) any hair.

How is that supposed to work? Very simple: With the help of an optical illusion. Stylist Sunnie Brook, who was instrumental in shaping the trend, describes the “butterfly haircut.” the online portal “Popsugar” as a “very layered cut” where long hair “can be easily tucked under to look like a short haircut”. Actress Margot Robbie (31) thinks so too, like her her followers on Instagram displays. But also worn open the casual look of the Harley Quinn actress makes a lot. On the platform, the 31-year-old chose a bright red blazer, which she staged with red lips and the open “butterfly cut”.

The prerequisite for the trend hairstyle 2022 is at least shoulder-length hair and a visit to the hairdresser. But don’t worry, it’s just the upper strands around the parting to the collar. The shortest section falls two to three centimeters below the chin, while the undercoat is gently layered and remains as long as you like. The combination of short at the top and long at the bottom is reminiscent of butterfly wings, which is what gave the haircut its name.

This is how the “Butterfly Haircut” is styled

The “Butterfly Haircut” is characterized by its versatility. Pinned up or down, the illusion of a bob is created, worn openly a lion’s mane. Because the step cut automatically makes the hair look voluminous. Coloring techniques such as the popular balayage reinforce the impression. But you can also conjure up additional volume in the top hair with a hair dryer and a round brush. For extra curl, blow-dry the front part outwards or shape it with a straightening iron. Apart from that: hands off styling tools. The “Butterfly Haircut” thrives on its naturalness.

Those who naturally have a certain structure in their hair have an advantage. Women with round or oval faces also benefit from the hairstyle thanks to the framing effect. Of course, everyone else who longs for a change can also wear them.


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