Caesar 2024: the ceremony threatened? An action in support of Judith Godrèche disrupts the red carpet

Several people gathered ahead of the César ceremony this Friday, February 23, at the call of the CGT Spectacles. A mobilization in support of the actress Judith Godrèche, who is due to speak during the evening.

The Olympia hall hosts the 49th César ceremony on Friday February 23, which rewards the 7th art. Movies The Anatomy of a Fall And The animal kingdom are among the favorites. If the evening is dedicated to the 7th art, it should also be marked by a darker aspect of cinema. Because Judith Godrèche has decided to no longer remain silent. The actress announced that she wanted to speak during the awards ceremony.

An announcement which caused Nicolas Seydoux, chairman and CEO of the Gaumont Group, to react not very favorably. “Should we talk about it that day? The Academy of Caesars has decided to talk about it, it’s its choice, it wouldn’t have been mine“, he questioned. If some disapprove of Judith Godrèche’s speech, the CGT Spectacles has decided to mobilize. Indeed, this Friday, shortly before the start of the ceremony, dozens of people showed up. gathered in front of the Olympia to denounce sexual violence (SGBV). Around a hundred people gathered and spoke, holding signs in front of the Parisian concert hall. “160,000 children in the cinema and elsewhere”we can read in particular.

The mobilization of the world of entertainment

“What amazes us is that many people turn a blind eye as if nothing had happened and that many people continue to turn. We are calling for people to mobilize this evening and on March 8 (editor’s note, international women’s rights day)declared Salomé Gadafi, deputy general director of CGT Spectacles at the microphone of C to you on France 5.

The slogan: “49th Caesar Ceremony: THE VIOLENCE, THE SILENCES: ENOUGH!” The National Federation of Entertainment, Cinema, Audiovisual and Cultural Action Unions CGT wants to bring its “support for these actresses as for all these women”. “The attackers must be brought to justice!”estimates the CGT Spectacles in a press release published this Friday, February 23.

The shocking images of Judith Godrèche

A few hours before the ceremony, Judith Godrèche recalled that she no longer intended to remain silent. In the story of her Instagram account, the mother of Noé and Tess shared a photo where she is alongside Jacques Doillon. “Body language”she simply wrote in the caption of the photo while she seems to be embarrassed and the actor looks at her insistently.

She shared many other photos in the same situation. “Why does a 44 year old director create love scenes with a 15 year old girl? Should we ask him to take off his sweater? Again and again ? In the name of what desire? The one from the cinema?“, she wrote again.

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