Call of Duty Warzone Game News | Vanguard: in front of the bugs and the complaints, Activision takes stock and tries to reassure the players

Game News Call of Duty Warzone | Vanguard: in front of the bugs and the complaints, Activision takes stock and tries to reassure the players

Although Call of Duty Warzone like Call of Duty Vanguard are very well played and frankly effective, they are subject to many problematic bugs: Activision has spoken to reassure its community.

Players fired up about Warzone

The effectiveness of Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty Vanguard is unproven. We are dealing with particularly solid, ultra-nervous FPS and full servers that promise an experience that could not be more efficient. However, no one is perfect and certainly not COD: the different games are often subject to all kinds of problems these days, whether it’s bugs or balancing issues that spoil the pleasure of the game.

There are many examples and we can cite this flaw which allows you to shoot without reloading, a weapon considered to be particularly cheated (even after a nerf) or a skin which makes those who wear it almost invisible. Add to that a recurring cheating problem and you have enough to make millions of players groan.

Constant work to improve the games

And it is precisely in front of the anger of the community that Activision wished to speak on social networks : the developers are hearing the public feedback well and they are working hard to fix any issues.

We would like to take a moment to provide an update on the issues and bugs encountered in the game. We hear you and we feel your frustrations.

Our teams are working hard to fix issues in Vanguard, Warzone, and Modern Warfare. Updates are deployed as quickly as possible. We want everyone to have a unique experience, no matter what game, mode or platform you play on.

Your feedback is essential in our development and improvement process and allows us to continuously improve our games.

On the verge of apologizing for the problems that have arisen, the firm also specifies the last modifications made as well as the known problems in the course of resolution, both for Call of Duty Warzone Pacific and for Call of Duty Vanguard. You can find it in the pictures below.

Always with a view to cleaning up their games, we recall that the developers have recently deployed RICOCHET, an anti-cheat technology whose first results would have been very satisfactory. Hoping that its effectiveness holds up…

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