Camélia Jordana denies “making rants”: “My words are regularly distorted”: Femme Actuelle The MAG

Camélia Jordana is undeniably one of the most publicized French celebrities. The 28-year-old singer and actress who has been interviewing for the release of her new album, Easy x Fragile, often spills a lot of ink because of his very strong positions. In May 2020, the former candidate of New star had been debated for the first time with his remarks on police violence on the set ofWe are not in bed (France 2). On the airEurope 1, Wednesday February 3, 2021, Camélia Jordana regrets that her words were "distorted" and that she was not "understood" by viewers.

the same is true for his statements in Obs dating from January 2021. Camélia Jordana spoke once again of her fights: "All of these songs say that if I were a man, I would ask forgiveness, I would question fears, and I would take the time to question myself. Because white men are, in the collective unconscious, responsible for all the evils of the earth. " A little sentence that caused an uproar and to which Camelia Jordana also came back. She denounces the image she reflects, far from her true personality. "I'm not angry but you know between what I am and what people say about me there is usually a big difference", she said, before ensuring that it is the journalists themselves who make sure to create these controversies. She denies pushing "rants".

"I hope that over time people will understand"

Camélia Jordana thus evokes her real commitment: "I have the impression that we do not understand at all my enthusiasm which starts from something rather very benevolent and altruistic. The idea is to say I love my country, the history of this country is magnificent, there are gray areas and the idea is to be able to become aware of things so that things are even more beautiful. Sometimes we absolutely do not understand what I'm saying, sometimes we distort what I'm saying. Well … that's part of the game but hopefully over time people will understand ". The message has indeed passed.

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