Captain Sir Tom Moore: pandemic hero buried with military honors

Captain Sir Tom Moore
Pandemic hero buried with military honors

Captain Tom Moore with his knighthood awarded by Queen Elizabeth II

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The British have bid farewell to their pandemic hero Captain Sir Tom Moore with military honors.

British pandemic hero Captain Sir Tom Moore (1920-2021) was buried with military honors in Bedford, East England on Saturday (February 27). Due to the measures taken to contain the corona pandemic, only eight people were allowed to attend the ceremony for the war veteran who died on February 2, 2021 due to a corona infection. His daughters Lucy Teixeira and Hannah Ingram-Moore, as well as their husbands and four von Moore grandchildren, were reportedly present. Thousands of people expressed their condolences online.

Moore's coffin was wrapped in a Union Jack flag and taken to a crematorium in Bedford by six soldiers. In his honor, salute shots were fired and a military aircraft from the Second World War flew over the area. At the beginning of the funeral service, the world-famous football anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone" was played – but in the version that "Captain Tom" recorded with singer Michael Ball (58).

"Captain Tom" achieved international fame last year after turning 100 laps through his backyard with his rollator and collecting almost 40 million euros in donations to fight corona. The money then went to the National Health Service NHS. Queen Elizabeth II (94) even knighted him last summer.