Carlo von Tiedemann: The moderator was fitted with a pacemaker

Carlo von Tiedemann
The moderator was fitted with a pacemaker

In the meantime, Carlo von Tiedemann can again look to the future full of energy.

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Carlo von Tiedemann has had worrying days. A pacemaker was inserted into the moderator in a risky operation.

The popular NDR presenter Carlo von Tiedemann (79) had to endure a true surgical odyssey, like he has now revealed to the “Bild” newspaper. In Tiedemann, who has been suffering from a heart disease called amyloidosis since 2021, a pacemaker was used in a four-hour operation – “the last chance for the heart”, as the moderator describes the decision.

His doctor had previously diagnosed “ventricular fibrillation and a very irregular heartbeat” in the 79-year-old. However, the first operation had to be stopped in the middle of the operation because the risk was too great, he continues: “During the operation, my pump became increasingly slow and almost stopped. That’s why the doctors stopped the operation immediately.” Only 24 hours later was the pacemaker successfully implanted in a “four-hour operation”.

“Life goes on”

A week later he was allowed to leave the clinic, and his heart is now beating “absolutely in sync”. The whole thing did not leave the NDR veteran without a trace, as he reveals: “I’m on the dam, but my whole body and my arms are still full of hematomas after the operation.”

Despite the medical file and his almost 80 years, he still does not think about the end of his career. On the contrary, Tiedemann is already happily planning his milestone birthday, which is due on October 20 of this year. Then he celebrates “my 80th birthday with 300 guests in the ‘Ritze’. My life goes on!”


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