Carolina + Chiara di Borbone: The royals master the catwalk with flying colors

Carolina + Chiara di Borbone
They master the catwalk with flying colors

Carolina and Chiara di Borbone

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Carolina and Chiara di Brobone are considered the two new Italian It girls. In addition to travel and charity, fashion is also one of her great passions, which now takes her to Paris. They walk the catwalk for Pierre Cardin – with success.

Until recently, most people probably never heard of the noble sisters princess Maria Carolina17, and Maria Chiara di Borbone – Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, 15, belongs. They are very well known in Italy and in aristocratic circles. Internationally, however, Chiara in particular has recently made headlines about a possible engagement to Prince Christian. Although there is no truth to the rumors and Christian and Chiara are only united by a close friendship, it has made the two high-society girls world famous overnight. A popularity that opens new doors for them – also in the fashion world.

Carolina + Chiara di Borbone: The new shooting stars of the fashion scene?

The two It girls regularly share their everyday lives with their fans on Instagram. Both share a common passion for fashion. Both Carolina and Chiara graduated from the institute this month Marangoni, a school for Fashion, art and design made. The next accolade follows just a few days later: you can walk the catwalk for the renowned fashion label Pierre Cardin as part of Paris Fashion Week, as the aristocratic shooting stars reveal on their social media platforms.

Paris Fashion Week starts on September 25, 2023 with, among other things, the Pierre Cardin fashion show. Nothing is left to chance, so Chiara and Carolina travel to Paris the day before to try on the planned runway looks again. Chiara takes her fans to the fittings in her Instagram story and gives an insight into the work of a major fashion brand.

For Chiara, the modeling job is one of her first major bookings; her sister Carolina has already gained camera experience. The older sister of the Italian duo has already worked as a model for Chopard and Dolce & Gabbana, among others, and has already been dating NicoleKidman in “Grace of Monaco” in front of the camera.

Catwalk debut with complete success

Carolina and Chiara show off their model qualities at Pierre Cardin’s runway show.

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Pierre Cardin will create a futuristic world between sea and space on September 25, 2023 as part of Paris Fashion Week. In the middle are the sisters Carolina and Chiara di Borbone. They walk down the catwalk in various shades of blue and master their catwalk debut with flying colors. Not only are her designer clothes an eye-catcher, her make-up is also made for a big appearance. Blue eyeshadow and eyeliner support the underwater character of the fashion show.

Whether there are more It is still unclear whether the two royals will appear on the catwalk. As spectators, they take their seats in the front row at the Dior show the next day (September 26th).


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