Case in Eastern Styria – Ivermectin overdose: woman ended up on intensive care

On Wednesday, MSD, the manufacturer of the worming agent Ivermectin, spoke up with the urgent message that there was “no conclusive evidence” for its use against Covid-19. As the “ZiB 1” reported in the evening, this message has unfortunately not yet reached everyone in Austria. As reported, the demand for the drug is currently doubling. An East Styrian woman ended up in the intensive care unit because of an ivermectin overdose.

A 55-year-old man also ended up in the intensive care unit of the LKH Graz because he had ordered high-dose vitamin D on the Internet for three weeks. The man suffered from acute kidney failure. “This high concentration and the intake of a total of three such vials during the time of his corona illness resulted in this vitamin D poisoning,” said Gernot Zollner, internist at the LKH Graz, in the “ZiB” Medical associations strongly warn against taking such drugs without medical advice. The drug manufacturer MSD also emphasized that the corona vaccination “comes first in the fight against pandemics and MSD supports all measures for a higher vaccination rate”.
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