Case of the forced kiss: Luis Rubiales cornered from all sides, his family is stepping up

Dimitri Vernet // Photo credit: EIDAN RUBIO / RFEF / AFP

More than a week after Spain’s victory in the Women’s World Cup and the start of the forced kiss affair, the news is not calming down around Luis Rubiales. Accused from all sides, the president of the Spanish federation does not want to resign. Faced with media pressure, his family is stepping up.

Nothing is going well for Luis Rubiales. As the case of the forced kiss during Spain’s victory in the final of the Women’s World Cup takes on national proportions, the president of the Spanish federation is pushed out, against his will.

Last Friday in front of dozens of journalists, Luis Rubiales unexpectedly announced that he would not resign. In response, FIFA decided to suspend the president of the Spanish federation for at least 90 days. And the situation continues to escalate. In Madrid, hundreds of feminists gathered to demand his resignation. On the front page of all the daily newspapers, this affair has taken on a dimension that goes far beyond the footballing sphere and has become political. For several days, various left-wing ministers have been asking for the head of Louis Rubiales.

Media harassment for his family

Faced with media pressure, his family is stepping up, like his cousin Vanessa Ruiz. “The lynching he receives, the way he is treated by feminists, TV, the press, politics etc. It’s a shame!”

And as if that were not enough, Luis Rubiales will now face Spanish justice, which announced the opening of a preliminary investigation on Monday for sexual assault. As a result, the Spanish federation, which had supported him since the start of this affair, has also just asked for his resignation.

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