Catherine Jacob hospitalized: news on the state of health of the actress: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

While Catherine Jacob had planned to perform in the play Royal Agatha until July 29, 2023, she suddenly disappeared from the boards. Since July 15, 2023, she has not appeared on stage! Something to worry his audience… Finally, news was given to his fans: the state of health of the 66-year-old actress was disrupted by the strong heat affecting the south-east of France. Indeed, the week of July 11, 2023, temperatures in Avignon went from 35 to 42°C! Unbearable weather for the most sensitive people. “With the temperature, she suffered a slight dehydration, but she’s fine”communicated his agent, Laurent Saury, to our colleagues at Parisian, Monday July 24, 2023. Despite the optimism of her agent, Catherine Jacob had to be admitted to hospital in Avignon. To preserve her health, she still hasn’t come out… and the public will not see her again immediately.

A stroke of fatigue that led her to intensive care

Indeed, Catherine Jacob still had to spend some time in intensive care. Information that underlines the seriousness of his situation, although her agent assures that she is fine. With the Parisian, he insisted on the fact that the actress will soon be released from the hospital to return to Paris. She will then prepare for a shoot scheduled for early September 2023. Thus, it is unfortunately not planned that she resume her performances in Avignon… The well-known actress of the series tomorrow belongs to us However, she was very enthusiastic about her dates! Near France info on July 12, 2023, she was even delighted to play alongside Brice Hillairet, whom she described as “very cute, charming and solid”. Despite this misadventure, Catherine Jacob is more determined than ever to his return to the stage as soon as his health permits.

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