Cathy Hummels: "I witnessed a robbery"

Cathy Hummels (32) witnessed a robbery in Munich's Herzogpark on Sunday evening. On Instagram, she now warns: "To all Munich women (…) knife-knives in Munich". The man had attacked another woman and was "not yet caught", writes Hummels. In the video clip, which is also posted, she tells details.

While walking with her son (born 2018), a woman ran towards her at 7:30 p.m. "She was completely overwhelmed because she was attacked by a man with a knife. We then pulled the woman aside and immediately called the police," reports the wife of soccer world champion Mats Hummels (31). The police have now informed her that another woman in Munich had been attacked with a knife.

She closes her post with the appeal: "Dear women, please do not go out alone in the evening. Be careful. It is not yet settled." The man is about 1.80 meters tall, masked with a cloth on his face and preferably fits women. The police are looking for other witnesses, as reported by the "Munich evening newspaper".